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Homes are often the biggest investment that Americans make during their life. Keep your investment safe with a well-built and long-lasting roof. Don’t risk the quality and safety of your home with a leaky or damaged roof. Give us a call today to get your free estimate from a qualified roofer!

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Residential Roofing Installations

Even the best-made roof, like one from Rainguard Roofing, will eventually need to be repaired or replaced. With proper maintenance, a great roof can last up to 20 years, or more! Rainguard Roofing in Twin Falls is here to provide great service to as many homeowners as we can. We know that a roof is a big investment, and it needs to be built well to last a long time.

How do you know when your roof needs replaced?

It may be time to consider a new roof if:

  • Your roof is over 25 years old
  • Discolored or water-stained areas are appearing high on your ceilings or walls
  • You notice several damaged or loose shingles (we highly recommend inspecting your roof at least once a year for damage)

Rained early in the week which I’m sure delayed their other scheduled projects. They did get my roof dried in by Friday and even worked on the holiday weekend. Glad they service the Wood River Valley.

Matt W.

I spoke a representative from the company. He was knowledgeable and he let us know that it was best in our situation to repair our roof. Rain Guard’s quality and attention to detail is amazing. Also every business in town knows of them and has good things to say.

Jameson O.

These guys were amazing from start to finish! Jeremy explained all of our options and walked us through the process. Replacing our roof in the middle of winter wasn’t on our to-do list but these guys were fast, efficient, and professional. John even came over after hours to ensure we were water tight before rain hit during the project. If you want your roof done right, call Rain Guard Roofing! You won’t be disappointed.

Stefanie H.

Rainguard Roofing was fantastic!! They arrived at work early in the morning and worked into the late afternoon. Very fast and efficient workers, as well as being friendly and ready to jump in to fix anything that happened to come up. Our house was completely roofed in 3 days and they did a fantastic job! Very satisfied with this company and would recommend them to anyone!

Warren W.

They were honest, did a great job, and the cost was very reasonable. Our new roof looks great. Thanks Jeremy and crew.

Cindy K.

I called on a Monday and they had a roofer at my house by Wednesday. Not only did he fix the problem I called about but saw other problematic areas and let me know about it so we could get it fixed before it became a bigger issue. He was very respectful and kind and did quality work. Recommend 100%

Amber B.

Great job even in very trying weather conditions. Thank you Jeremy and your crew for a job well done.

Mike G.

Rain Guard did a great job repairing the wind damage from a storm 2 weeks ago. We had 70 mph winds last night, and the roof still looks great! Thank you Rain Guard

Joel N.

With so many roofers in Southern Idaho that do a great job it’s hard to decide who to give your business to. For me the ever present community involvement from the team at Rainguard Roofing drew me back to them as the team I trust. Whether it’s supporting local business, rewarding local families or sponsoring local sports teams, along with their amazing work ethic and quality service, they are the team I trust when it comes to my roof and you should too.

Matt H.

I had to replace my roof. These guys do quality work. They are all very professional and friendly. They ripped off the old roof and finished installation within 5 days. Then they did 2 follow up inspections to make sure all was done right. Very satisfied.

Mike T.

The overall project was very well done. They actually started before the proposed date and completed it early as well. The worksite was very clean when they left each afternoon. The crew was friendly and knowledgeable whenever a question was asked. We had one other bid and they were both within a few dollars of each other (competitively priced).

John P.

“This company is amazing! We have had rain gutters placed by them as well as our roof replaced. This crew arrived at 7:30 am one day and finished at 2:00 the next. 7 guys who were wonderfully respectful, amazingly fast and competent. The bill was exactly what was quoted. I couldn’t be happier with their work or the people sent to our home to do the work. If anyone needs a roof these are the people to call!”

Debbie B.

What an exceptional experience! Rain Guard roofing was a joy to work with, from the estimate to the completion of our roof job! The staff was very courteous and mindful of keeping the area clean and protected and free of debris. They came in and got the job done quickly and efficiently…The construction staff was timely, reliable and respectful and Our roof looks AMAZING…THANK YOU Rain Guard for such an effortless worry free experience! Can’t wait for you to do our gutters!

Lisa H.

Rainguard is the BEST roofing company in The Magic Valley! They have phenomenal customer service, their staff is friendly, their guys are highly knowledgeable AND polite. They get the job done in a respectable amount of time. I just can’t say enough good things about Rainguard! Highly recommend them. Thank you for everything you guys have done for my family and home!

Tiffany Z.

I was so impressed with the professionalism and the speed in which my roof was completed. I had them tear off two layers of old wood shingling, and replace it with a new roof. At 8 am the team arrived and got straight to work. By 5 that evening the entire thing was done and cleaned up. The customer service from getting the bid, to getting the bill was very pleasant. I would recommend Rainguard Roofing every time.

Steven M.

We had our house re-roofed this last summer and Rainguard did a Fantastic job. There were 3 or 4 guys working on the roof. They had to strip off 5 layers of roofing material before they could even start the roof. They had all of the work done in 2 1/2 days. Those guys really busted their rears every day. And all of them were so nice and respectful. Not to mention that Rainguard goes over the ground with a magnetic strip to ensure that there are no roofing nails there. And when they were done our yard was cleaner than when they got there. As far as we are concerned, This is the only company of this nature to use!

Dianne W.

Excellent job. Good contact with scheduler. Focused on completed the job in timely matter. Cleaned up after completion. Will use again.

Kevin B.

Thanks Rain Guard Roofing for a great job and fair price. All your people from start to finish were professionals. Very Happy customer!

Barry K.

Know Who You're Working With

Trust Matters
When you choose to work with a roofing company, you are trusting them to take good care of your home and property. For this reason, it’s important to know who you’re working with and if they deserve that level of trust. That’s why Rainguard Roofing hires carefully. We’ll also work closely with you every step of the way to ensure that your roofing project is completed to the highest standards of quality.

Residential Roof Repairs

Southern Idaho, Eastern Idaho, and Twin Falls are no strangers to wind damage. Wind speeds can regularly exceed 30mph, with even more intense gusts. These gusts can topple power poles and semi-trucks, which means that they can easily tear loose shingles off of old rooftops. On top of that, the wind can knock overgrown branches into your roof that do even more damage than just the high winds on their own would do. If you find yourself dealing with damage and need roof repair services, it’s best to have them done as soon as possible to prevent further damage.

Common signs of wind damage you should watch for:
  • Bare patches on your roof
  • Overgrown branches knocking into your roof
  • Shingles laying in your yard or on your car

If you notice any of these signs of wind damage, give Rainguard Roofing a call!

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Common Roofing Materials

Metal Roofing

If you’re looking to re-roof your home, build a new shop, or build a new home in the Twin Falls area, a metal roof can be a great option! Metal roofing comes in many different styles and colors, which makes it easy to match them to the look and feel of any home. Even better, metal roofs are some of the longest-lasting roofs money can buy.

Asphalt Shingle Roofing

Rainguard Roofing offers only the highest quality asphalt shingle roofing options for your home. We make sure asphalt shingles are installed correctly to maximize the life of your new roof and provide final inspections to ensure the quality of our work. Asphalt shingle roofing affordable and durable, meaning it is an excellent roofing option for homeowners in Twin Falls, ID.

Tile or Slate Roofing

A slate or tile roof can completely transform the look of your home. This sturdy roofing option is easy to maintain and can last a lifetime if it’s professionally installed. If you want a unique and unparalleled aesthetic for your roof, this is a fantastic option worth considering!

Certified Roofing Company in Twin Falls, ID

Rainguard Roofing takes our craft seriously. We know that the safety and longevity of your house rely on the quality of our work. That’s why we go the extra mile to maintain our certifications and go above and beyond industry quality standards. We believe that you, your home, and your family deserve the best!

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Roofing Guild Quality Member Badge
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