Roof Repair in Twin Falls, ID & Elko, NV

Sometimes a Roof Repair is All you Need.

When your roof shows signs of damage—particularly in cases where localized or hail storm damage is involved—you may be able to save yourself thousands of dollars by having the experts at Rainguard Roofing repair your Twin Falls or Elko roof instead of replacing it.

With 20 years of experience evaluating all kinds of roof damage to Magic Valley homes, our roof repair specialists can quickly determine whether your existing roof can be repaired or a completely new roof will be needed.

Several key areas need to be evaluated when assessing the damage to your roof, including whether the damage poses an imminent threat to your home's interior; whether the damage is confined to a specific area of your roof (as in the case of a tree limb strike) or is more widespread; and how the age of your roof may affect your decision to repair only a part of the roof as opposed to replacing the entire roof surface.

In most cases, installing a new roof surface over an old one is not recommended due to manufacturer warranty restrictions and quality factors.

Let Rainguard Roofing guard your home against the effects of hail storm roof damage. Call us today for your free inspection and evaluation!