Roof Installation

Commercial and Residential

Do You Need a New Roof Installation?

Do you notice loose or damaged shingles on your roof? Have you found wet spots on your interior ceilings or walls? These are obvious signs that you may need to replace your roof. Rain Guard’s team are experts in roof installation. A roof’s typical lifespan is limited. You can expect an asphalt shingle roof to protect the interior of your home for 15-20 years at peak efficiency.

Our roof installation team determines the best means to repair your roof or install a new one. Rainguard Roofing specializes in finding the best option for your home and your wallet. Call a professional today for a consultation!

asphalt roofing paper applied over sheathing

What Goes into a Full Roof Installation?

  1. We remove all existing shingles, old valley flashing, and drip edging. Rainguard’s roof installation team makes sure not to leave any mess.
  2. Our team makes minor repairs to the roof if it’s in good condition. If not, we replace bad wood with new plywood sheathing or sheathing boards.
  3. After the structure is ready, we apply asphalt roofing paper over the sheathing. This creates an inner barrier to prevent water from getting into the house. We overlap rows of roofing paper as we approach the roof’s peak. Our team tacks or staples the roofing paper in place.
  4. Where necessary, our team installs new valley flashing at the point where two roof panes meet. We nail the valley flashing to the roofing deck and seal it with caulk.
  5. We install the shingles next, moving upward toward the peak. The team applies flashing to all areas that could leak, chimneys, skylights, stack vents, etc.
  6. After this, we install the ridge vent. This is a continuous vent along the peak of the roof. The vent helps with ventilation and air flow.
  7. To wrap up, our team completes a final clean up, and a building inspector inspects the roof.