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Residential Solar Solutions

Your Home, Our Expertise: Premier Solar Solutions for Sustainable Energy and Unmatched Efficiency


Prices Starting $30K
    • 20 panels of 550-Watt black on black carbon fiber steel
    • 1 -10-Kilowatt inverter
    • 3 -10 Kilowatt battery packs


  • Our panels are 4×4 all carbon fiber steel. They can withstand 210 MPH winds.
  • Sleek bracket design to prevent compromising roof warranty.
  • Battery pack rather than generator
Electrical Independent Packages $60K & $75K

TAX Rebates information https://oemr.idaho.gov/financial-information/incentives

Certified Installer for blackwolfsolar.com

Illuminating Every Facet of Solar Energy

Rainguard is thrilled to introduce more efficient and cost-effective solar solutions to the Magic Valley. Our comprehensive suite of residential solar services is designed to meet all your solar energy requirements. From installing state-of-the-art solar panels that enhance your home’s efficiency and aesthetic to conducting critical repairs for any system issues or damages, our team is ready to support you. We specialize in solar energy system upgrades and replacements, ensuring your residence takes advantage of the most advanced solar technologies available. Additionally, our proactive maintenance and inspection services are aimed at early detection of potential problems, allowing for swift resolutions to ensure your home remains powered by clean, sustainable energy.

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